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What Would You Do if
You LOST Your Email and Messenger 
and Had to Start All Over Tomorrow?

First Summit on Text Message Marketing Reveals How to
Build, Message & Monetize your Text List...

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Host of Text Message Marketing Summit

Are you being held hostage by today’s email and messaging platforms and feel everything you have learned about building your “list” is wrong?

If you’ve ever asked yourself…
“How do I make sure my messages stay out of the SPAM folder?”
“Why did I spend all the time building my Facebook Messenger list, just for Facebook to change the rules on me?”
…. then you understand the importance of getting your messages seen!

You’ve been sending email and after email, and while some may be HITS, email hasn’t been as reliable as it used to be. 

Email inboxes are more crowded than ever, and to make matters worse, Gmail filters your messages just to keep them OUT of your customers’ inbox… even after they opted in!

Messenger Bots can be complicated to set up, and now the messenger rules are more strict than that stickler of a teacher you had in high school.

Now you’re stuck. You might be thinking…
“How can I finally get my message in front of my customers, without feeling like I’m wasting my time, and get the results I’ve always wanted?”
I’m with you. I’ve been there… many times. And then I discovered Text Message Marketing…

Hi, I’m Chad Evan Collins.

Three years ago I got fed up with poor deliverability and discovered the power of Text Message Marketing.

After we ran our first Text campaign, it felt like the glory days of email marketing were back.

I was hooked.

From that day forward, we adopted Text Message Marketing into everything we did, and it’s now responsible for over 70% of all of our sales!

It’s the reason I’ve walked across the stage at Funnel Hacking Live to collect multiple two-comma club awards from Russell Brunson & Todd Dickerson; it’s why I won a Guinness World Record for selling out one of my live events, and it’s why Gary Varynerchuk featured me in his book “Crushing It”. 
To say I’ve sent a lot of text messages… would be an extreme understatement.

Since 2016, I’ve sent over FIFTY MILLION messages and spent over $350,000 doing it.

The more messages I sent, the more I learned, and the more I earned.

I figured out:
- Which Texting platforms work best for business at every stage
- How to guarantee my messages are delivered exactly when I needed
- What to say, and how to say it in a Text Message
- How to get my longer-form (videos & sales copy) content seen and consumed
- How to increase engagement
- How to automate
- How to quickly grow and monetize Facebook Groups
- And More!
While I continued to see success month after month, year after year, I asked myself…

Self?… “How come other entrepreneurs, eCommerce sellers, course creators, or influencers aren’t using Text Message Marketing in their businesses?”

So I did a thing…

I went to the smartest people I know that are either:

1. Using text messaging themselves
2. Have clients that use text messaging in their businesses
3. Are industry text messaging leaders
And I asked them if I could interview them for 30-45 minutes each… and if I could RECORD THOSE INTERVIEWS!

Guess what… they said "YES!"…


Prepare to meet these TEXT MARKETING Masters...

















As I started plowing through their answers and listening back to their wisdom, I was blown away by how much they were sharing with me.

Strategies… tactics… best practices… scripts… all of it!

It’s a treasure trove of Text Message Marketing goodness!
So… what would it be worth to you to watch and listen in on those conversations. To be a fly-on-the-wall when I find out how the cream of the crop are using text messaging in their businesses?
Do you think you might discover a thing or two that you could immediately implement in your business to drive more sales?

The beauty of this is that everything you discover can be immediately applied to your business, from online education to eCommerce, and everything in between. 

Now that I’m sitting on all of this information, It’s my duty to share it with the world, and I want to share it for FREE.

I know… this is literally the stuff that people pay thousands of dollars for, and I’m likely going to ruffle some feathers for giving it all away, but that’s how I'm doing this, especially during these times.

Let’s do this!

Happy Texting,

Chad Evan Collins 
Hi! I'm Chad Evan Collins, and there's a good chance that you have no idea who I am... here's why:

I spent the last eight years building multiple 7-figure brands and live events. If you have kids, it's possible you have attended one of my nationwide touring shows that include a LEGO event called Brick Fest Live; Minefaire, an Official MINECRAFT Community Event; or Comic Con For Kids.

Now... it's also possible that you've heard me interviewed on Pat Flynn's or John Lee Dumas' podcast, or you have seen me walk across the the Funnel Hacking Live stage to collect multiple Two Comma Club awards from Russell Brunson & Todd Dickerson. 
About 3 years ago, we started to notice that our email open rates were getting unbearably low.... and while we tried everything we could to get our open rates up to par (with some success), we also started testing TEXT MESSAGE MARKETING to our opted-in leads.

The results we astounding!
"In fact, about 6 months later, we were seeing more sales coming from TEXT, than all other sales channel combined!"
Over the last 36-months, I spent over FIFTY MILLION text messages and spent over $350,000 of my own money on text message marketing alone!

I'm convinced that this can be a game-changer for any business in ANY economic scenario. 

I'm so convinced, that I've banded together some of my favorite marketers and leaders in the text messaging space just for you.

Now you get to be a fly-on-the-wall and eavesdrop on my conversations with these industry titans for FREE on APRIL 29th & 30th!

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Texting,

Chad Evan Collins, Host
Text Message Marketing Summit

P.S. Once you register, I'm going to send you a text that will include my personal number so you can text questions to me anytime!
Text Message Marketing Summit is a series of interviews with leading text message marketing leaders that helps existing businesses sell their products and services using text message marketing tactics. We make no claims or representation that by using the information learned during the Summit that you will earn money or make your money back. Testimonials shown are real experiences from actual marketers. Their business’s results are not typical, and your business’s experience will vary based upon the effort and education of your business’s employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control.

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